Building a Spark / SciPy / Cassandra “SparkLab” on AWS

I have just completed for a client a complete setup of a “SparkLab” on a cluster of AWS machines: the setup has been completely automated via a Bash script which I have published to this public github gist. The following is a copy of the README file there; the script can be used also on … More Building a Spark / SciPy / Cassandra “SparkLab” on AWS

From null to a hundred in six months

Or how to achieve bi-weekly releases at SaaS scale Background Almost exactly a year ago I joined RiverMeadow: a self-described “cloud mobility” SaaS platform, with the modest task of improving a product I was told was “ready for market” and a team that only needed “some improvement, and a better adoption of Engineering best practices” – in slightly … More From null to a hundred in six months

Automating Eclipse launch

I’ve recently taken up the Eclipse team at Google (we integrate Google’s internal build tools and distributed development environment with the Eclipse Platform) and we are constantly faced with the challenge of maintaining several distributions in a multi-user environment.I thought I’d use some of the goodness we’ve come up with in my home environment too, … More Automating Eclipse launch