Annoying Java Popup when Testing Apache Mesos

Running unit tests for Apache Mesos, enabling Java (i.e., omitting the –disable-java flag in configure) you may run into the annoying “You need to install Java” popup, even though you have Java 8 correctly installed. The only workaround I’ve found so far (until I locate where in the test scripts we invoke the wrong version … More Annoying Java Popup when Testing Apache Mesos

A Zookeeper-based Monitoring Server

A Zookeeper-based Monitoring Server I have recently started developing a simple Monitoring server, using Zookeeper as the main distributed controller. Over the next few weeks I will be describing how the system hangs together and can be used to generate arbitrary alerts (with a plugin architecture) when a server fails. “babysitter“ comprises of: a Python … More A Zookeeper-based Monitoring Server