Gossip-based Failure Detectors – 0.8.0 released

We have just released version 0.8.0 of our distlib C++ library that implements a number of popular distributed systems algorithms. This concludes a first iteration of the “SWIM Gossip Protocol” for failure detection: the implementation is now fully thread-safe and can scale up to many servers with minimal process overhead. The gossip_example.cpp toy server shows how a client … More Gossip-based Failure Detectors – 0.8.0 released

filecrypt — OpenSSL-based file encryption, release 0.7.2

Almost four years after its initial inception and release, I have entirely rewritten the CLI invocation, streamlined the encryption secrets management, and created a self-contained executable. Once you have a private/public key pair, a file can be simply encrypted using: ./filecrypt.pyz -o my_file.enc /path/to/plain.txt and decrypted using: ./filecrypt.pyz  -o /path/to/plain.txt -d my_file.enc The –send option … More filecrypt — OpenSSL-based file encryption, release 0.7.2