Just discovered a delightfully useful tool for all of us, Linux shell aficionados: PathPicker. It does essentially what is says on the tin: allows you to interactively and easily pick a file/path from a (possibly, very) long list of paths output on stdout by the command it gets piped from (see the screenshot/video to have … More PathPicker

Pimp Up my Ubuntu

I recently splurged on a 4K HD LG monitor for my Ubuntu dev box; I mostly use it as a dev station, the higher pixel density (this is a 31″ monitor) allows me to keep several IDE, browser and editors screens open at the same time and it’s been a great dev environment. However, the stock Ubuntu distro … More Pimp Up my Ubuntu

Consider void Futures for One-Shot Event Communication

Recently, Scott Meyers, the author of “Effective Modern C++” book gave a webinar presentation titled Consider void Futures for One‑Shot Event Communication, which addressed the issue of how to enable two threads to communicate to each other when a particular task A was completed, but which do not require any shared state. The solution is to use a … More Consider void Futures for One-Shot Event Communication