Just discovered a delightfully useful tool for all of us, Linux shell aficionados: PathPicker. It does essentially what is says on the tin: allows you to interactively and easily pick a file/path from a (possibly, very) long list of paths output on stdout by the command it gets piped from (see the screenshot/video to have … More PathPicker

Pimp Up my Ubuntu

I recently splurged on a 4K HD LG monitor for my Ubuntu dev box; I mostly use it as a dev station, the higher pixel density (this is a 31″ monitor) allows me to keep several IDE, browser and editors screens open at the same time and it’s been a great dev environment. However, the stock Ubuntu distro … More Pimp Up my Ubuntu

Automating the creation of a MongoDB ReplicaSet

I have revisited an old Github Gist of mine, adding some bash nicety to allow the user to specify the number of servers and the starting port range. This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than what appears below. To review, open the file in an editor that reveals … More Automating the creation of a MongoDB ReplicaSet

Consider void Futures for One-Shot Event Communication

Recently, Scott Meyers, the author of “Effective Modern C++” book gave a webinar presentation titled Consider void Futures for One‑Shot Event Communication, which addressed the issue of how to enable two threads to communicate to each other when a particular task A was completed, but which do not require any shared state. The solution is to use a … More Consider void Futures for One-Shot Event Communication

MongoDays SF 2014

MongoDB 2.8 is about to exit from beta and 3.0 is round the corner (probably early 2015) with a lot of exciting new features. My (raw and unedited) notes from some of the technical session are available here, I will add more as I discover new things.