Apache Mesos 0.24 Released

The Apache Mesos development team published recently the 0.24 Release and the Debian and RedHat packages are available for download from the Mesosphere Downloads page.

Follow the instructions there to install Mesos on your system (be it a live, physical box or a development VM) and start experimenting with it!

The new release delivers the new HTTP API for Frameworks, among a bunch of other exciting features (for example, support for Permanent Storage and reserve/unreserve endpoints) and I highly recommend that you play with it (I will be presenting a Tech Lab at MesosCon Europe where I’ll show how easy it is to write a Ptyhon framework that used the API to launch tasks and containers).

If you want to experiment with it on a dev environment, Vagrant may be the fastest way to get up and running: I have created a simple Vagrantfile that sets up a Master/Agent 2-node setup.

This still needs some refinement, but it’s good to get going and experimenting: please do let me know if you find ways to improve on that (Pull Requests welcome!).

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