Apache Mesos HTTP API – example IPython notebook

The new Apache Mesos HTTP API We are currently in the process of releasing Mesos 0.24 which introduces a new HTTP API for Frameworks, which are now able to interact with the Scheduler using only JSON payloads. This simplifies the interaction between Frameworks and Mesos, while maintaining the highly scalable and reliable nature of the platform: … More Apache Mesos HTTP API – example IPython notebook

Building a Spark / SciPy / Cassandra “SparkLab” on AWS

I have just completed for a client a complete setup of a “SparkLab” on a cluster of AWS machines: the setup has been completely automated via a Bash script which I have published to this public github gist. The following is a copy of the README file there; the script can be used also on … More Building a Spark / SciPy / Cassandra “SparkLab” on AWS

Globals are evil

And hard-coded strings are the tools of the devil. On my NAS I had implemented a simple script to alert me of failures on various scripts/backup jobs, using the Mandrill API and that had worked just fine for quite a while. However, it recently had started failing with the following tracelog: 01/01/2015 19:59:08 [INFO] Starting … More Globals are evil

Deploying a Flask App to AWS Beanstalk

  Overview Deploying an application to AWS using Beanstalk and setting up autoscaling, monitoring and a number of other super useful features is very simple, and is extremely well-documented on AWS site. However, even when following the Beanstalk and Flask Getting Started guide, there are a few gotchas and areas that are less than clear. In the … More Deploying a Flask App to AWS Beanstalk

Python Decorators

I’ve now been working in Python for more than a year and we have been doing some pretty crazy stuff, especially around decorators and authorization/permissions implementations. Admittedly, Python decorators are one of the bits of the language that can be best defined as ‘magic’ and certainly remains puzzling for someone like me, used to Java … More Python Decorators