HOW-TO Encrypt an archive file

Private/Public keypair Create the private key (one-off): openssl genrsa -out ~/.ssh/key.pem 2048 chmod 400 ~/.ssh/key.pem then extract the public key from it: openssl rsa -in ~/.ssh/key.pem -out ~/.ssh/ -outform PEM -pubout NOTE The whole mechanism revolves around keeping the secret key key.pem, well, secret. This is the only critical part of the scheme. Everything else, … More HOW-TO Encrypt an archive file

NFS mount fails with “access denied by server”

Symptom When mounting a valid share, NFS denies access: $ mount /mnt/backup mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting server:/share/USBDisk1 Solution The mount point is not exported. Find out where the mount point points to on the client side (although, that info was already in the error message): $ cat /etc/fstab # /etc/fstab: static file … More NFS mount fails with “access denied by server”

Automating Eclipse launch

I’ve recently taken up the Eclipse team at Google (we integrate Google’s internal build tools and distributed development environment with the Eclipse Platform) and we are constantly faced with the challenge of maintaining several distributions in a multi-user environment.I thought I’d use some of the goodness we’ve come up with in my home environment too, … More Automating Eclipse launch