Building and Installing Apache Mesos

I have just published a gist that shows how to build and install Apache Mesos on a Ubuntu 14.04 VM or physical box.

The Getting started instructions are a good start (well…) but are somewhat incomplete and currently look a bit outdated (I plan to fix them soon): however, the outcome has been that I have struggled more than I felt necessary in building and running Mesos on a dev VM (Ubuntu 14.04 running under VirtualBox).

Some of the issue seem to arise from the unfortunate combination of Mesos Master trying to guess its own IP address, the VM being (obviously) non-DNS resolvable and, eventually, the Slave and the Framework failing to properly communicate with the Master.

In the process of solving this, I ended up automating all the dependencies installation, building and running the framework; I have then broken it down into the following modules to make it easier to run only parts of the process.


2 responses to “Building and Installing Apache Mesos”

  1. […] Familiarize yourself with the Apache Mesos Getting started guide – or see my guide and gist; […]

  2. Reblogged this on my occasional IT blog and commented:
    Found this great resource for anyone looking to get Mesos running in their lab / environment! Thanks Marco @massenz

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