Java Code Trips & Tips

The idea behind this blog is more to use it for my own personal benefit, as a means of annotating big and small discoveries in my use of Java, Linux, Tomcat and MySQL that would be easy to access from anywhere, anytime. It does beat post-it’s big time, and it also adds the benefit that others might, eventually, contribute with intelligent insights. But, let’s face it, there must be thousands of Java-related blogs, and even just keeping track of all of them (which I hope to be able to do for some, by adding links – so, please if you do know of good ones, please do let me know) so I don’t expect massive traffic here. (in fact, if you do know of some simple means of measuring the ‘page impressions’ on this blog, that would be grand). Comments always appreciated and encouraged, but please do ensure you leave a means of being contacted, if possible at all, otherwise intelligent discussion will not be had…


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