Microsoft Cabs


If you hail a black cab you might be getting your ride to work for free, courtesy of Bill Gates. OK, it’s not as simple as that – nothing ever is.

But if you happen to find a cab between 7.30 and 9.30 a.m. in London zone one or two with a Microsoft logo – you’re in the money. Apparently this is all done to help workers have a better day in the office as the Tube gets less and less bearable in summer.

(Rainier PR Briefs of April 27, 2007)

A thought occurred to me: wouldn’t we all have a (much) better day at the office, if Microsoft were to put a tiny little more effort in releasing products with less bugs? and waste less of their (and our) time on pointless marketing initiatives?

And maybe a half-decent Operating System that does not crash on you for unknown reasons, that is secure, that does not require re-booting every time a ill-designed application crashes?

Ah, I hear you saying, but such an OS already exists: it’s called Linux!


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  1. I like tips, I like!

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