Latest update for Android SDK breaks for Ubuntu Karmic

If you have recently updated your Android SDK to R08 (Gingerbread, 2.3) on Linux and are using Ubuntu Karmic, chances are that you will not be able to run the emulator: It will simply die with the following error:

$ ./emulator
./emulator: /lib32/ version `GLIBC_2.11′ not found (required by ./emulator)

This is caused by an incompatibility with Karmic’s installed GLIBC – the new SDK/Emulator works just fine on Lucid.

The Android team is working on a fix – in the meantime, a workaround is to download the _r07 of the tools from here, and replace emulator in the tools/ folder under the android_sdk installation folder.

A bit hacky, but works.


20 responses to “Latest update for Android SDK breaks for Ubuntu Karmic”

  1. The link to the R7 release of tools does not exist. i.e. Get a not found error.

  2. ….. BUT I should also add that if you have, or can get a copy of the r7 release of the Android SDK, the fix describes works on Ubuntu Karmic as well as Open Suse 11.1. THANKS!

  3. My bad… forgot to add the -linux to the filename's URL.Try it now, it should work: if not, please ping me again and I'll figure it out, as I've just downloaded it from that link.Whilst I *could* post the .zip someplace, I would be extremely reluctant to do so; just don't want to cause more trouble than it would solve.Again apologies for confusion, it was late at night 🙂

  4. Thx, that trick did it 🙂

  5. Very good!!! The problem is fixed!! Thanks!!

  6. That worked! Thank you. Just wrote my first android app (Hello, Android) and that error was stopping me.

  7. Thanks it actually works.I have one more problem when I run any project it always shows a black screen having text "Android" written on it.After that no button of emulator work.Can you please help me?

  8. Hi Pc,can you please try and run the android tool and the emulator from within the console and see whether you get any error?I have never seen such a thing, but if you could please help with a more detailed explanation of what are you trying to do, what steps have you taken already and what error messages (if any) you see, that would allow us to help you out better.Also, I'm assuming you're running Linux? are you launching your project from within Eclipse? or using adb?

  9. Thanks. Actually problem was that emulator take a long time to load I was not waiting for that much time.Now that problem has been solved.Now everything is working fine but I am not able to see the output of System.out.println() statement.Can you help me in that?Thanks!!!

  10. This worked great for me – I was ready to upgrade my entire system, just to run an emulator. Thanks a bunch!

  11. So glad everyone is finding this useful… On a somewhat ironic (but rather *not* funny) note, I had eventually to upgrade myself to Lucid as Karmic kindly decided it didn't quite like my HDD's partitions, and that it would have been fun to wipe them off…

  12. Fantastic! Worked a treat and I can code again! Thanks.

  13. Thank you so much………….

  14. Thanks for the informational post. Fixed it for me.

  15. Thanks! Disappointed by google however.

  16. thhanks man.. i sure hate it when u follow a tut but ur code still doesn't run.. thanks

  17. Thanks :)It really worked. This is a great help. Thanks a lot

  18. Fantastic!!Thanks a lot

  19. Thanks a lot.Faced same problem on RHEL 5 and your solution worked.

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