TextMate (sane) follow hyperlink

If you use TextMate on Mac, you have certainly come to appreciate its many useful features, not least its ability to “understand” the syntax of your text and adapt accordingly.

I mostly use it to edit RST (ReStructured Text) markup text files; one nice feature of TextMate Hyperlink Helper bundle is that it automatically recognizes URLs and makes them “clickable”.

However, by default, it enables the following of those links when you click the Enter key when the cursor is on that text – which is, to me, immensely annoying: it’s disruptive, non-intuitive and grows old really quickly.

The good news is that the key-sequence can be modified, although the way to do this is not really intuitive and required a bit of googling and then filling the blanks (am I the only one hating the default setting?).

From the `Bundles` menu, select `Edit bundles…`: this opens another window, with all the bundles listed on the left and the associated actions; select `Hyperlink Helper` and under `Menu Actions` (yes, even if it’s actually a keyboard action you want to modify) select the “Open Current URL” – this will open a text editor below the pane and a dialog box on the right pane.

In the right-side pane, click on `Key Equivalent` and either just delete the keypress, or replace it with something sane (I use Cmd-Enter).

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 5.02.09 PM

Et voila – the annoying behavior is gone, but the awesomeness remains, for when you need it.


One response to “TextMate (sane) follow hyperlink”

  1. Thanks, I know this is an old post but I just started using TextMate and was about to dump it because of this extremely annoying behavior! I pasted in a URL and kept hitting enter to add a newline and instead it kept opening the link in browser. Can’t believe this is a default setting!

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