Microservices Development with Scala, Spray, MongoDB, Docker and Ansible

Very useful post; I’m trying to do something similar with Sentinel (http://github.com/massenz/sentinel) but running it in three containers: one Ngnix with static files, a mid-tier one with Scala Play and the backend with MongoDb container.

A post to follow, soon as I have it all working!

Technology Conversations

This article tries to provide one possible approach to building microservices. We’ll use Scala as programming language. API will be RESTful JSON provided by Spray and Akka. MongoDB will be used as database. Once everything is done we’ll pack it all into a Docker container. Vagrant with Ansible will take care of our environment and configuration management needs.

We’ll do the books service. It should be able to do following:

  • List all books
  • Retrieve all the information related to a book
  • Update an existing book
  • Delete an existing book

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