HOW-TO Install Minikube on MacOS

Minikube is an extremely useful tool to run a development Kubernetes single-node cluster locally, on a development machine.

I use it regularly on my Linux box and, as I want to do development on my MacBook Pro too, I thought I’d use it there to.

In order to do so, I have created a simple script to install minikube on MacOS, which I thought I’d share.

See Github for the full code, here’s the gist of it:

curl -Lo ${HOME}/Downloads/minikube \$VERSION/minikube-darwin-amd64
sudo mv ${HOME}/Downloads/minikube ${DEST}
chmod +x ${DEST}/minikube

A viable alternative (and what I had used thus far) would to use Docker for Mac which, in the “edge” channel, offers the ability to run a local Kubernetes cluster too.

However, as there are subtle differences in how they handle networking, in order to have a consistent development configuration / setup, I decided to use Minikube on my MBP too.


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